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Playing Time System

Effectively Determine, Communicate, & Support Player Roles

The system is a compilation of strategies to address playing time issues. These strategies include:

  • Team Activities
  • Coaching Tools
  • Team Processes and Procedures

Playing Time is the #1 Source of Conflict in Team's Today! 

Strategies to Determine Playing Time 

√ Coach Presentation
√ Case Study Team Activity
√ Team Standard Review
√ Player Activities 

Strategies to Communicate Playing Time 

√ Role Conversation
√ Minutes Check-In
√ Player Substitutions
√ Player Contracts

Strategies to Support Player Roles

√ Coach-Player 1-on-1s
√ Appreciating Reserves
√ Captain’s Council
√ Player Improvement Plans

Course Also Includes

•Why Playing Time is So Challenging
•Key Principles Behind the Playing Time System
•Strategies for Parents
•Downloadable Resources:

  • Case Study Scenarios
  • Google Form Template for the Role Conversation
  • Google Form Template for Minutes Check-In
  • Sample Reserve Player Contract
  • Detailed Notes for the Course

What People Are Saying:

I wish someone would have thought of this course prior! Our team did the first case study together and it produced great dialog and buy-in to the standards we have for our program.

Troy Weidman

Lots of awesome material, and ways to go with each player individually if need be on playing time issues. Best of all 90% of the material is about being proactive rather than reactive, which will save time and frustration.

Josh Meader

Practical and helpful resource for developing and communicating my playing time philosophy..

Becca Koelker

Great course that will get you thinking about your philosophy on playing time, but also shares with you practical strategies that you can use with your program. These strategies will help you to communicate with your players and help them understand why you play who you play! Highly recommend this course!

Alex Hein