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Competitive Cauldron Training and Spreadsheet

The Competitive Cauldron is a simple system helping you to objectively track and rank your players practice performance.  The result is players are more bought into their role and more competitive in practices.

  • The training will help you to design and implement the cauldron within your program.
  • The spreadsheet will track each players win% and rank throughout the season!
  • With the purchase of the course you a file for every team within your program. If an Athletic Department or Club wishes to purchase additional files please email me at [email protected] for pricing. 


Does your team culture struggle with a lack of competitiveness? 

  • Reserves don't buy in to their role
  • Players are afraid to compete
  • We struggle to stay engaged 
  • Players and parents have unrealistic view of their ability
  • Practices have low energy
  • Players don’t feel they have to earn playing time

I spent over a decade trying to motivate players every practice, while dealing with complaints about playing time because individuals felt they deserved a bigger role.

Over the last 3 years the competitive cauldron has helped transform over 50 programs at the collegiate, high school, and youth levels in sports like basketball, hockey, soccer, football, and volleyball.

All you need to do is:

  1. Watch the Training
  2. Set Up Your Spreadsheet
  3. Start Tracking!

*100% Money Back Guarantee

Be sure to watch the Free Introduction Video

  • Stop wasting time conditioning the losing team
  • Stop wasting energy motivating your players
  • Don’t walk into another playing time conversation ill-equipped

Benefits of the Competitive Cauldron

  • Easy Tracking System in Practices
  • Simple to Use Spreadsheet
  • Clear Objective Data on Player Performance
  • Players & Parents Buy into Roles
  • No More Wasted time Running Losing Team
  • Develop a Competitive Drive in Athletes

Start Building a Competitive Culture Today!

What People Are Saying:

Excellent course! J.P. provides a thorough overview of his system that’s turnkey to implement regardless of sport. We are always trying to find ways to make our practices more competitive. This system is the best I’ve seen. I can’t wait to begin using the competitive cauldron with my basketball team this season.

Stephen Dale

J.P. Nerbun has done an outstanding job of providing valuable insight on what the Competitive Cauldron System is in his new video. His ability to cover and breakdown the essential parts of the Competitive Cauldron System will help make your transition much easier as you implement this competitive system into your program. The Competitive Cauldron System has been an integral part of our daily practices and has been a tool that has raised the bar for our level of individual and team competitiveness. This Competitive Cauldron Video can be a game changer to help to improve your overall individual & team competitiveness, team camaraderie, and team spirit. Jeff Boos Head Boys Basketball Coach Sun Prairie High School

Jeff Boos

I found this course to be very helpful for infusing more competitiveness into your team and in particular into your practice environment. Unlike many courses I have seen that focus on one or more aspects of team culture, this one is extremely practical and not only goes into the what and why of the system but deeply into the how, showing you how to implement, track, and use this system even giving many suggestions on how you can make it specifically fit your program. Overall the hard work is done for you and from this course you get something you can use with your team immediately, you even get the customized forms for tracking wins so you don't have to spend time creating them yourself.

Joe Leiker

JP does a fantastic job walking you through a great program. I implemented the Cauldron with my team last season and still find the training valuable, always picking up new things to add with the details he provides. The Cauldron will change the way your team practices for the better the minute you start to use it. Thanks so much for your help JP!

Lindsay Oliver