3-1-1 On Being Right and Wrong


"If you don't look back at yourself and think, 'How stupid was I a year ago?' then you must not have learned much in the last year." - Ray Dalio


"It's a sign of wisdom to avoid believing every thought that enters your mind. It's a mark of emotional intelligence to avoid internalizing every feeling that enters your heart." - Adam Grant


Jennifer Garvey Berger on the Mindtrap of Rightness: "Your sense of being right about something, the sparkling clarity of certainty, is not a thought process, not a reasoning process, but an emotion that has nothing to do with whether you're right or not." Consider: "What does it feel like to be wrong, before we find out that we're wrong? It's the same as what it feels like to be right." Why is this a problem for us as leaders? "While it feels good to be right, it actually shuts us down to some of our best human traits—openness, curiosity, and wonder."

1 Tip for Escaping Rightness

Listen to Learn: The next time you're in an argument with someone, ask yourself, "What would change my mind?" If you can't think of anything, you aren't open. Drop your assumptions of rightness and listen to learn.

1 Question to Escape Rightness

"What do I believe? How could I be wrong?" - Jennifer Garvey Berger

- J.P. Nerbun

Author of The Culture System

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