“J.P. is one of those people who not only helps us see leadership in sports differently, he gives us practical tools and strategies that work!”

-Anson Dorrance, UNC Women's Soccer, 21 NCAA Championships

The Sports Parent Solution: Proven Strategies for Transforming Parents from Obstacles to Allies

The groundbreaking book giving you the strategies and methods you need to transform the parent culture in your team, allowing you to better support each athlete’s growth, improve your team’s performance, create an extraordinary experience for all involved—and take your program to a whole new level.

“The Sports Parent Solution is a game-changer for coaches and parents alike.”

Colleen Dawson William & Mary Women's Lacrosse 

"This book should be required reading for anyone involved in youth sports."

Asia Mape Founder of

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Praise from Leaders Like You

J.P. has been an important voice in coach education and team culture building for the past decade. He is one of my go-to people in this space. His new book will help coaches and parents build a relationship based on trust and mutual respect, and help them become allies instead of adversaries in athlete development. It is time we stopped dealing with parents and started engaging them, and this book will teach you how.

-   John O’ Sullivan, Changing the Game Project & The Way of Champions Podcast

“The Sports Parent Solution is an inspiring and transformative guide that expertly navigates the intricacies of the Parent-Coach Relationship, providing invaluable insights and actionable strategies for coaches to cultivate growth and facilitate positive change. Through captivating firsthand anecdotes and real-world experiences, this book empowers coaches to approach even the most formidable coaching moments with assurance and sagacity.” 

-   Erik Robitaille, Prairie Hockey Academy

“This approach works! Utilizing relatable stories and straightforward, proven action steps, J.P. has created yet another brilliant coaching resource that will enhance your confidence working with parents. A must-read for any coach seeking methods to leverage relationships with parents and take the next step toward the future of coaching.”

-   Patrick Quirk, The Hun School Boys Soccer

“J.P. delivers once again! The Sports Parent Solution presents practical strategies and valuable insights to cultivate effective communication and collaboration between coaches and parents. A must-read for anyone in the coaching realm aiming to establish a supportive environment that unleashes the full potential of young athletes.” 

-   Mark Cascio, Courtside Consulting

Unifying the team in the stands and the locker room is a great way to boost teamwork. In The Sports Parent Solution, JP Nerbun uses his expertise in sports culture to identify the key elements of successful sporting relationships.

-Jack Easterby, Former General Manager of Houston Texans and Culture Coach of New England Patriots

“This is a must-read for coaches at any level! J.P. employs real-life stories and offers practical, easily implementable strategies to dismantle common barriers between coaches and parents, replacing them with strengthened relationships that make parents feel connected and valued. As an added bonus, parents will organically contribute value to your program!” 

-   Sam Klassen, Briercrest College Men’s Hockey


“The Sports Parent Solution is a book that all coaches should read. Connecting and aligning with parents in the sports world not only demonstrates mindfulness but also empowers your team to feel more connected.”

-   Josh Strasser, McCutcheon High School Football

“J.P. lays out effective methods and strategies that help coaches connect with parents. I have implemented many of these same strategies and tools with my parents, and have seen overwhelmingly positive results. A must-read for any coach who wishes to build positive relationships with parents!”

-   Tyler Wright, Mt. Zion High School Principal

“J.P. has nailed it again! This book helps coaches and leaders build positive relationships with parents, creating an amazing culture within a program and team. Readers gain sound insight into strategies and activities to use before, during, and after the season that are proven effective in building positive relationships and opening communication between parents and coaches. It is a must-read for any coach who truly wants to build a solid and successful culture in their program.”

-   Andy Cerroni, Hamilton High School Boys Basketball

“The Sports Parent Solution is an invaluable guide for coaches seeking effective collaboration with parents. Through insightful stories and practical suggestions, this book not only enriches the player’s experience but also strengthens the coach-parent relationship. A must-read for every coach looking to excel.”

-   Nick Pocius, Kasson-Mantorville High School Boys Basketball

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More About the Book

Are sports parents getting in the way of your team’s success? 

If you’re struggling with today’s sports parents, you are not alone. Headlines like following are common:

  • How Parents are Ruining Sports
  • Sports Parents, We Have a Problem 
  • The Nightmare Sports Parent 

 Parents become obstacles not because they want to be a problem but because you aren’t working together to support the athlete and the team. 

As a coach, you can be part of the solution. In The Sports Parent Solution, J.P. Nerbun, one of the world’s leading experts on team culture in sports, offers a comprehensive blueprint for turning your most challenging sports parents into your greatest allies.

Leveraging ideas from leaders in education, the military, and sports, and sharing dozens of real stories from youth, high school, and collegiate-level coaches, Nerbun shares practical strategies for creating open lines of communication, building a connection to the team, and engaging in hard conversations. Throughout, readers will find inspiration in real stories from coaches at the youth, high school, and collegiate level whom Nerbun has supported in his work as a leadership coach and culture consultant. 

Explore how to: 

  • Overcome the common obstacles and fear of sports parents
  • Foster a collaborative partnership
  • Get parent support for your goal and vision for the team
  • Enforce boundaries for the wellbeing of you and the team

The Sports Parents Solution gives you the strategies and methods you need to transform the parent culture in your team, allowing you to better support each athlete’s growth, improve your team’s performance, create an extraordinary experience for all involved—and take your program to a whole new level.

About J.P. Nerbun

J.P. Nerbun is a bestselling author, leadership coach, and founder of TOC Culture Consulting, a leading global sports-consulting and leadership coaching business. His mission is to support leaders and their teams to achieve their full potential through 1:1 coaching, consulting, and community.

Nerbun's impressive scope spans across sports, education, healthcare, and business, with a proven track record of guiding leaders at esteemed institutions such as Stanford University, Harvard University, University of Texas, the USGA, PWC, and Chick-Fil-A. 

In 2019, he published his first book, Calling Up: Discovering Your Journey to Transformational Leadership, which has received critical acclaim. In 2022, he published The Culture System: A Proven Process for Creating an Extraordinary Team Culture, a groundbreaking book offering a framework for developing team culture. 

In 2023, he launched The Culture System Online Training Platform, which has been praised for being one of the most applicable online coach educations available.  His podcast, Coaching Culture, is one of the top sports leadership podcasts globally. Nerbun lives in Ireland with his wife and their three children.