315 Inspiring Today's Athlete as a Parent and Coach | Cris Pinciroli and Alissa Pascual


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The demands on athletes have never been higher. In the first segment of our two-part conversation, we are joined by two world-class water polo players, Cris Pinciroli and her daughter Alissa. Cris, the founder of WeTeam, a consulting company focused on high performance and positive psychology, served as the captain of the Brazilian women's water polo team for 15 years and, at one point, was ranked among the top 7 players in the world. Alissa currently plays water polo at Stanford University. In this episode, JP and Nate engage with Cris and Alissa to explore how parents and coaches can inspire athletes.

  • Balance and burnout are a real struggle
  • Games are for the players, not parents
  • Everyone needs their own island of sanity 

Cris’s book: Sport: A Stage for Life

Cris on Instagram: crispinciroli

Stanford’s Women's Water Polo: Alissa Pascual

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