317 Mindtraps Series #1 - Simple Stories


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Navigating leadership in today's world is more challenging than ever, marked by its unpredictability and rapid changes. Despite this, many still rely on traditional tactics, even when they prove ineffective. In her book "Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps," leadership consultant, researcher, and coach Jennifer Garvey Berger identifies common shortcuts, or mindtraps, that people fall into. Often, without realizing we're caught in one of these traps, we tend to believe the solution lies in trying harder. In this episode, JP and Nate embark on the first of a series of discussions, spread across the coming months, where they explore each of Berger's five leadership mindtraps in depth.

  • Simple solutions don’t exist in a complex world

  • The story we are telling ourselves is critical

  • Simple communication leads to big problems

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