318 Making Mental Training Accessible to Today’s Athletes | Lisa Mitzel Championship Gymnast & Mental Health Coach (Part 1)


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The mental aspect of sports is often the most significant obstacle preventing athletes from reaching their full potential. Yet, many coaches lack confidence in guiding their athletes to overcome these mental challenges. In this episode, JP and Nate are joined by a special guest, Lisa Mitzel. She is a renowned mental training and mental health coach, author of two books, and the founder and president of Zen Tiger Mind, a company specializing in equipment and merchandise for mental training and athlete wellness. Lisa is the creator of the mental power station, an international speaker, and clinician. Prior to her coaching career, she excelled as an elite gymnast, NCAA National champion, six-time All-American, and a member of four NCAA national championship teams at the University of Utah. She is also a hall of fame inductee.

  • Coaching is a job of service and servant leadership

  • Young people want to be confident and in control

  • Improve through awareness, learning, and application

Lisa’s contact information:

Mitzel_Coach on Instagram

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