Teaming Up with Parents

“When Americans want to do something well we do it in teams, whether it’s building a rocket, counter- terrorism, or developing a new product.  Yet, when it comes to arguably the most important thing we do–raising moral children–American parents tend to be isolated and dangerously insulated from feedback of any kind.”

-Richard Weissbourd, The Parents We Mean to Be


I am writing a new book that focuses on how coaches can effectively partner and collaborate with parents, instead of viewing them as an obstacle. Over the past six years in my work, I have witnessed incredible work by coaches who have worked in tandem with parents to accomplish team goals and support each athlete individually.


In my upcoming book, I will share some of these inspiring success stories and offer practical advice on how coaches can effectively engage and partner with parents to enhance their athletes' performance, development as a person, and cultivate a supportive team culture. I am excited to share these valuable insights.


Also, I’m currently seeking stories about coaches who have successfully engaged parents and families to create a more positive impact on their athletes and foster a supportive team culture. If you have personally experienced such a situation, I would love to hear from you whether you are a coach, parent, or player. 


Your story could be featured in my upcoming book, and if selected, I will contact you for an in-depth interview to learn more about your experience.


Thank you for considering sharing your story with me using the following link. 


Food for thought.


- J.P. Nerbun


Author of The Culture System

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