Transforming Sports Parents from Obstacles to Allies

Whether you are a coach, parent, or just a fan you know sports parents have become a significant challenge. For many coaches, they represent their greatest obstacle, causing sleepless nights and prompting some to leave the profession altogether. 

Here's a secret: your most formidable obstacle can evolve into your greatest ally in developing the team culture you envision and making a lasting impact on an athlete's life. I've assisted hundreds of coaches, spanning from youth sports to collegiate levels, in forming successful partnerships with parents. The results have been remarkable, affecting both the team's performance and the overall experience of its members. So well in fact, while writing The Culture System, I knew I would need to write another book to share the framework we've been using to partner with parents.

In my latest book, The Sports Parent Solution: Proven Strategies for Transforming Obstacles to Allies I share a proven framework for transforming the parent culture within your program. By implementing the system outlined in the book, you'll witness improvements in your team's culture and performance. Say goodbye to the constant worry about the latest parent issue, and instead, embrace a future where your team thrives.

-J.P. Nerbun 

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