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Learn to become the leader you aspire to be for your team

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Learn a proven system for building an extraordinary culture

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What Coaches Say...

The Culture System Course is a revolutionary resource that facilitates reflection and growth for coaches at all levels. With research-supported ideas and actionable strategies, it enables the building and enhancement of program and team culture. I highly recommend this course to coaches aiming to develop  their culture.

-Nick Pocius, Kasson-Mantorville High School

The course's practical approach to culture building had a profound impact on our team, resulting in increased athlete engagement and a more positive environment. I highly recommend it for anyone serious about improving team culture and camaraderie.

-Ron Steele, John Carroll High School


Learn the same tools, methods, and techniques used by some of the world's best teams and organizations. 

Want to become a more transformational coach and build a great team culture?  

Learn The Culture System framework at your own pace with this one-of-a-kind coaching certification.

In this course, J.P. Nerbun will help you deepen your commitment to transformational coaching and teach you the proven methods, tools, and strategies of the best teams and organizations in the world.

You'll get access to customizable digital tools and a group chat to engage with experienced coaches in the 4-part framework.

You'll be inspired and transformed through the  stories and lessons of real leaders who’ve made changes in their leadership and successfully applied these methods and tools within their organizations to strengthen relationships and improve performance.


What You Get


‚ąö¬† Four Core Courses

The courses cover each part of The Culture System Process: Leadership Philosophy, Establish Culture, Support Culture, and Enforce Culture. 

‚ąö Customizable Digital Resources

When you purchase the course, you’ll get access to dozens of digital resources (COS Tools and Checklists), which you can customize for your own team, thereby saving you hundreds of hours! 

‚ąö Learn from the Best

While you’ll be learning from J.P. Nerbun, you’ll also get to listen to interviews with some of the best leaders in the world. 


After completing the courses you will receive the TOC Coaching and Culture Certification

√  Go Deeper

While each module is only 15-30 minutes long, you’ll can go even deeper with additional linked videos and podcasts. 

√ Engaging Modules

Each course has 4-6 modules to teach you the necessary principles and strategies to successfully implement within your team. 

√ Shared Learning Experience

Get other coaches within your team, club, or organization to use The Culture System, so you can support each other’s learning, implementation, and execution. 

‚ėÜ Group Chat

You can join a WhatsApp Group chat with J.P. Nerbun and other coaches taking the course throughout the year to ask questions and share ideas.


Level 1 Transformational Coach & Culture Certification


For Youth and Assistant Coaches

  • 9 Foundational Modules for Coaches¬†
  • Lifetime Access & Self-Paced (3 Hours)
  • Course Group Chat
  • Digital Resources
  • Level 1 Certificate¬†

Level 2 Transformational Coach & Culture Certification


For Head Coaches

  • 9 Modules for Coaches Running a Team¬†
  • Lifetime Access & Self-Paced (3 Hours)
  • Course Group Chat
  • Digital Resources
  • Level 2 Certificate¬†

Level 3 Transformational Coach & Culture Certification


For High Performance Coaches

  • 6 Modules & Playing Time System
  • Lifetime Access & Self-Paced (3 Hours)
  • Course Group Chat
  • Digital Resources
  • Level 3 Certificate¬†

Levels 1-3 Transformational Coach & Culture Certification


Save $75!!

  • 24 Modules & 100+ Short Videos
  • Lifetime Access & Self-Paced (9 Hours)
  • Course Group Chat
  • Digital Resources
  • Levels 1-3 Certificate¬†

Organization Pricing

Starts at $75 a Coach

Get Everyone in Your Club or Athletic Departments Certified

  • Customized¬†packaging¬† for your organization
  • Exclusive Organization¬†Group Chat¬†
  • 45¬†Minute Zoom¬†with J.P. Nerbun
  • Train Multiple Teams & Coaches

Still not sure? I have a 100%, Zero Questions Asked, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I know you will love this course! The course is engaging and practical, and it’s not full of a lot of nonsense! I will teach you what you need to know, how to apply it, and then I’ll give you the tools to do it yourself. 

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