Coaches need coaches... 

Too many coaches are struggling to do everything themselves…

Let’s be honest, being a coach can feel isolating. Often we are tasked to handle everything from parent issues, selfish players, frustrated administrators, and family issues to boot. It can feel like riding a roller coaster and it is not what you signed up to do.

You were given a job to coach and all of these problems are taking away from your mission.

From our experiences coaching, competing, and mentoring we know that the “silver bullet” is establishing a strong, healthy culture with disciplined follow through.

We have helped hundreds of coaches create and sustain winning cultures and we want to do the same for you.

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We're the TOC Team

We’re coaches like you, and we understand the frustration of trying to change a team that has a toxic culture. You feel alone in your struggle, but you shouldn’t have to. We can walk alongside you to help you create a thriving culture that changes lives.

J.P. Nerbun

  • Founder & Creative Mind Behind TOC
  • Author of Calling Up & The Culture System
  • Host of The Coaching Culture Podcast
  • Mentor, Speaker, & Culture Coach
  • Contact: [email protected]

Nate Sanderson

  • Co-Host of The Coaching Culture Podcast
  • Mentor, Speaker, & Workshop Facilitator
  • High School Girls Basketball Coach
  • 2 x Iowa State Championship 
  • Contact: [email protected] 

Shane Sowden

Calling Up

Calling Up is a guide for coaches of all sports at all levels that presents a step-by-step process to building a transformational culture, starting with changing coaching behaviors, attitudes, and language.

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Coaching Culture Podcast

The Coaching Culture Podcast shares inspiring stories and practical strategies to improve your leadership and culture, and J.P. Nerbun and Nate Sanderson do it all in under 30 minutes each week!

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The Culture System

The Culture System is supported by the latest research in motivation, behavioral psychology, and neuroscience, and it is full of practical strategies and real-life examples to give you the power to create an extraordinary culture—regardless of your sport, level, or circumstances!

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