"A special book with inspiring stories, applicable strategies, and a proven model for developing team culture, The Culture System will help any coach at any level grow as a leader and build a stronger team." 

-Monty Williams, 2022 NBA Coach of the Year

The Culture System: A Proven Process for Creating an Extraordinary Team Culture

Do you struggle with developing a strong team culture? You are not alone!

The good news is the process of creating a culture can be simple and almost effortless when you take a systematic approach.

This book will show you the way. 

“If you want to be a better coach, read this book. Then read it again. Then buy copies for your friends.”

Shane Sowden Head Basketball Coach Briercrest College

"This is the book on culture that's been needed but missing from coaching literature, until now."

Cody Royle Bestselling Author of The Tough Stuff

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Get clear—not cliché—about your leadership philosophy. 
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Create your plan to implement the system throughout the year, and then track your execution. 
✔︎  Monthly Checklist Template 
Stay on track with your execution of the essential tools and methods with this in-season checklist.  
✔︎ Culture System Reading Challenge 
Grow as a leader with the single-most important habit of all great leaders—reading! 

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10 Things The Culture System Teaches You to Do:

  1. Empower team members to take ownership.
  2. Raise the team standards.
  3. Strengthen relationships and connections.
  4. Create a clear leadership philosophy.
  5. Identify and solve issues easily.
  6. Help more people reach their potential.
  7. Improve your leadership and coaching skills.
  8. Find more peace and fulfillment as a leader.
  9. Develop a culture of shared accountability.
  10. Stay consistent about the things that matter most.

Praise from Leaders Like You

This book is a awesome guide full of vital information for anyone who wants to understand the below the surface workings of a great culture. JP has included stories from other journeys and give clear and concise steps to help you on your journey of improving you culture. I highly recommend this book to anyone in leadership or anyone wanting to be a part of a high functioning team.

Coach Darren Douglas

2 X Georgia High School Basketball State Champion

"The great thing about JP is that he is as invested in other people's success as he is in his own. So this book isn't just a collection of stories about great leaders, although it has plenty of those and they are great. It takes the extra step of turning those stories into a blueprint for readers to build joyful, thriving cultures of their own. I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from what JP has done here."

 Al Baker

Athletic Director,  Woodstock High School Illinois

“J.P. Nerbun is one of the leading voices in coach development and mentorship, and he has worked with hundreds of coaches to up their game and build better team culture. The Culture System compiles J.P.’s best ideas and will become your new playbook for establishing, sup- porting, and enforcing a culture of excellence in your program.”

John O'Sullivan

Author of Every Moment Matters

“The Culture System has been a game changer in my life as a coach, teacher, and father. Our basketball program has reached new heights as we’ve used these simple steps to intentionally create a great culture. J.P. does such a great job creating systems and checklists to make it easy for anyone to take their team to the next level.”

James Anderson

Head Basketball Coach, Lake City High School

“The Culture System is the most comprehensive and applicable book on culture I have read. It is highly engaging and highly informative while giving action-based steps to improve your program’s culture.”

Nate Van Duyne

Head Basketball Coach, Brockwood School

“By far the most practical book I have read on culture. Coaches at any level can implement these systems and strategies.”

 Mark Cascio

Courtside Consulting

More About the Book

Most coaches know that an extraordinary culture is the secret to an extraordinary team, but how do you create a strong team culture when the culture itself is so complex and always evolving? The good news is the process of creating a culture can be simple and almost effortless when you take a systematic approach. 

In The Culture System, sports coach and leadership consultant J.P. Nerbun shares his proven process that will help you find joy and fulfillment as a coach, while getting the results you desire. 

Extraordinary team cultures don’t come together by chance. They are intentionally created by leaders, using a system of strategies to establish, support, and enforce the culture. Few people know this secret; most extraordinary teams in the world all use similar tools and methods to create their culture. 

In The Culture System, you’ll read the stories of some of the most successful leaders in sports, such as John Wooden, Greg Popovich, and Theo Epstein, as well as others, like Dave Brandt and Greg Tonagel, whose success has been secret until now. You’ll also discover how these leaders use the same strategies as some of the most successful leaders and organizations in the world, like Toyota Motor Corporation, Southwest Airlines, and Navy Ship Captain Mike Abrashoff. 

The Culture System will teach you to:

  • Develop your leadership philosophy and stay grounded, while always growing and evolving
  • Grow and strengthen your relationships with your team members
  • Empower your team to help you establish, support, and enforce high standards
  • Create a customized Culture System for your team and implement it layer by layer 

The Culture System is supported by the latest research in motivation, behavioral psychology, and neuroscience, and it is full of practical strategies and real-life examples to give you the power to create an extraordinary culture—regardless of your sport, level, or circumstances!

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About J.P. Nerbun

J.P. Nerbun is a world-renowned leadership coach, sports consultant, and the visionary founder of TOC, a leading global sports-consulting and coaching business. With an accomplished career as a professional basketball coach spanning over a decade, J.P. has solidified his expertise in team culture, drawing from his extensive background and knowledge.

J.P.'s mission is to empower leaders and their teams to reach their full potential through coaching, consulting, and community-building. Throughout his career, he and his team have provided personalized coaching and practical resources to hundreds of leaders across various industries, including sports, education, medicine, and business. J.P. is also the founder and co-host of the highly acclaimed sports leadership podcast, Coaching Culture.

In 2019, J.P. published his debut book, Calling Up: Discovering Your Journey to Transformational Leadership. This book has received critical acclaim for its captivating narrative and practical insights. In 2022, he followed up with The Culture System: A Proven Process for Creating an Extraordinary Team Culture, a groundbreaking book that explores a proven framework for developing team culture, embraced by top-tier organizations. Continuing his dedication to leadership development, J.P. launched The Culture System Online Training Platform in 2023, providing leaders with leadership training that equips them with practical skills and tools to enhance their team's culture.

J.P. resides in Ireland with his wife and three children.